Kristýna - Hirschfelde (11km, 2-3h)

A not very demanding route, ideal in combination with renting scooters, on which you can easily get back to Kristýna via the cycle path. There is one big weir about 7 km from the start and a few small water steps on the beginning, which can be easily gone down. The journey ends in front of the weir in Hirschfelde.

Kristýna - Ostritz (23km, 4-6h)

A one day trip on the boat with possibility to stop for a visit in the nunnery in Marienthal. There are three weirs on your journey and a few small water steps. The first weir is about 7 kilometers from the start, the second ne by the power plant in Hirschfelde (11 km from the start, you have to carry the boats over on the right side) and the last one by the nunnery in Marienthal (20 km from the start, it is possible to pull your boats over). The journey ends in Ostritz on the right side by the train station under the bridge to Poland.

Bílý Kostel - Kristýna (10,5km, 2-3h)

The trip, which starts in Bílý Kostel, is one of the shorter journeys. However, we can recommend it only if the water amount measured in the station in Hrádek nad Nisou is more than 3m/s. There are two weirs on the way, where you have to carry your boats over. We recommend this journey especially as a part of a longer trip for more days, continuing to Hirschfelde and Ostritz.

Longer trips

If you are interested in longer trips, we can rent you a boat for example to the town of Gorlitz, which is about half a day journey from the final destination in Ostritz. Or you can go even further, just contact us and we will tailor the trip to your needs and requirements. Upon agreement we can pick up the boats anywhere on the river. The price is negotiable.

Water level

The sufficient water level is important especially in the part of the river from Bílý Kostel, otherwise it is very difficult.

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