You can choose a route for half a day, whole day or even a weekend, it depends only on the time that you want to spend on the river. You can explore the not so well known parts of the river Nisa in the direction from Bílý Kostel to Kristýna, or go from the flooded quarry in Kristýna up to the borders of the Czech Republic and then continue alongside the German-Polish border, which is naturally created by the river Nisa.

If you have higher expectations and are more skilled, we can recommend trying the route of the length of 24 kilometers, going from Bílý Kostel to the German town of Ostritz. Very experienced boatmen can make the journey in one day, but it is better to divide the journey in two days, like during a weekend for example. There are many places of interest on your journey, with natural as well as technical and cultural sights.

The flooded quarry, which today creates the lake Kristýna, is definitely worth a visit. You can also spend anight there, have a swim, go for a hike or go mushroom picking in the forest. In the close vicinity of thelake and the river you can also find our boat rental Nisa where you can rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboard and all the equipment needed, such as barrels, life jackets and paddles.

You are not limited only by the listed possibilities for trips, we will be happy to comply with your other requirements and if it will be possible, we can transport the boat wherever you like. If you have any questions about the routes please do not hesitate to contact us!


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